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Ivan Radić

I'm Ivan Radić.






I couldn't be more excited that I've taken the leap and started my very own company! For years, I've been passionate about designing logos and creating unique brands, and it's an amazing feeling to be able to turn my passion into my profession.

March 2020 - NOW


My task in Chipoteka was to create a
recognizable brand looks for online marketing and advertising.  We created a brand book and templates so designers can follow our brand look. At the moment most of my work is concentrated on creating visuals for online marketing.

October 2012 - March 2020


My main responsibility was creating catalogues from the materials provided and improving their design. Some of my other responsibilities were making mega boards, jumbo posters, and all in-house print design, from posters down to price tags.

February 2010 - October 2012


My main responsibilities were creating and
improving the design of catalogues,
mega boards, jumbo posters, and all
in-house merchandising posters.

March 2009 - NOW


Creating catalogues, and visual identities for companies and doing all the graphic work I could get my hands on.

June 2008 - March 2009


Correcting and creating ads with materials sent by customers, advertisements, and newspaper page layout.

My journey through the world of graphic design began almost two decades ago when CorelDraw was the ultimate tool for vector graphics and Quark Xpress was the wonder

Starting at a small agency, I worked my way up to become a designer for the national ads paper, before moving on to larger and more prominent companies, always as a designer within the marketing division.

Along the way, I gained valuable knowledge from peers and literature, as software was evolving rapidly, and I was as curious as determined to stay ahead of the curve.

In two of my recent positions, I was the first designer in the in-house marketing department, trusted with the critical responsibility of overseeing the organization's visual identity. I take pride in seeing the fruits of my labor come to life and have achieved tangible results through increased sales and web traffic.

Creating visual identities for brands is my passion, which led me to start my own company, focusing on logo and brand design.

If You need a brand design, redesign, or marketing visuals of any kind Let me know, and I'll get back to You in no time.

Tel: +385-99-70-70-820

Thanks for submitting!

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