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Winery and vineyards

FOUCH is a young winery with cascade vineyards founded by courageous and a bit "crazy" owners (as they say) who embarked on a project of significant scale despite the challenges posed by the terrain. They had a clear vision of their label design, so we helped them redesign a logo based on that idea. The brand design addressed the desire to stand out from the rest of the wine bottles in a store. We achieved this by using an unconventional handwritten font and a bright label color. The "S" symbol next to the logo is inspired by the snow-capped mountains, the sea, and the river that connects the two.

This project was quite challenging from the start as we had a very tight deadline to adhere to. We had only five weeks to design a logo and a brand identity, along with creating labels and business cards and getting them printed. However, we were fortunate to receive excellent support from the printer, who specializes in bottle labels. It was a great experience to work with such a professional team. It was incredibly satisfying after all that work to hear a client say that the design was perfect and that it could not be better.

FOUCH logo and symbol
FOUCH Men Simple T-Shirt Mockup
FOUCH Hoodie Front Side Mockup
FOUCH Hoodie Back Side Mockup
FOUCH business card back side mockup
FOUCH business card front mockup
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